Howth Engagement Shoot

I'm so excited to share this gorgeous blog post with you.

Michelle and Steve were travelling to Ireland from the US last month and contacted me about doing some engagement portraits while they were here. It was a bit tricky with arrival times but they made it work and travelled to Sutton, just a few short hours after they landed here from the US!

We met in my studio and I brought them in my car on a whistle-stop tour of Howth. For anyone that doesn't know Howth, it is one of the most beautiful places in Dublin to visit. Recently names one of the best 50 running trails in the world (by Lonely Planet).
Howth is a peninsula, surrounded by the sea on all sides meaning plenty of beaches, rocky coves, cliffs and sea views. Throw into the mix, the seasonal Gorse flowers and purple heather that cover the hill and you have a backdrop of dreams. We were incredibly lucky with the weather too, not your typical Irish summers day!

We spend a few hours driving around and stopping for natural portraits, ending the tour in The Harbour Bar in Howth village and sitting drinking pints of Guinness and chatting some more.
I LOVED this shoot with all my heart, it was truly one of the most memorable in my 20 years as a photographer. I felt so proud of where I live and delighted that these two wonderful people were so enthusiastic about my home place.


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