8 deadly tips for getting ALL the shots you want!

Ok we all know a wedding day goes in a flash! You will literally hear this a million times! So how do you ensure that you wake up the next day, knowing that your photographer captured ALL the shots you wanted? What about Granny? Or your group of college friends?
It is very understandable that you might be pulled from person to person on your wedding day, all wanting a piece of you or a photo of you with them. You will be revelling in the funny moments and chatting to people whom you have not seen in years. You wont have time to be thinking about who to get pictures with. You need your photographer to be ON THIS!
Here are some great tips to make sure you get as much from your wedding photography that is possible, in this quick-as-a-flash-day!
1. Communicate!! Tell your photographer what you would like them to capture. When it comes to couple photos, show them what you like from their work and say "I love this type of shot" etc. There are so many different types of ‘couple sh…

A few capital letters and a big fat smile

Whenever we hear good news these days, it means so much more than 'before'. If you are in the future and reading this, what I'm referring to when I say 'before' is, the big C word (covid -19).
Back in the day when we were headless chickens and busy fools, we didn't have the time to stop and take in any news properly. Now we have time to ponder on stuff and take it all in and enjoy it properly.
And on that note, I'll say that I was thrilled to have the opportunity to ponder today and relish the news that I received my FEP qualification. I entered a panel of 12 images to the European Federation of Photographers last month in the hope of qualifying. It's always a good feeling when news like this comes in so I am happy now for the week. It's really just a few capital letters but it means a lot to me.
This is my panel of 12 images below.

Lockdown light

Last weekend was spectacular. It is hard to imagine that there is pain being felt outside of my bubble here in Raheny. This Coronavirus Lockdown business is deceiving in that way. The sun was shining and BBQ smoke wafted as we sat in the sunny spot drinking white wine.
I took part in a very inspiring online workshop/webinar with Australian and New Zealand photographers Chloe Lodge and Cindy Cavanagh who were talking about photographing light and colour in our surroundings and how we should try and be more aware of the light that falls near us everyday.
So I took out my camera and captured a bit of this and that around me and relished in the fact that it was JUST FOR ME. Here are a few shots.

Develop Wedding Conference 2020 - My experience

Something really cool happened in March so I thought I’d tell you about it.
Back in October I received a text from Kevin Murphy, photographer and organiser of the annual Develop conference for wedding photographers. He was asking if I would be interested in speaking at the 2020 Develop in Limerick City.
This moment for me was a mixture of excitement, fear and pride, all rolled into one. The very thoughts of standing in front of a bunch of really talented photographers was scary enough, but then delivering a presentation for an hour, nearly sent me over the edge! What if I passed out on stage or forgot what I was going to say. That list of ‘what ifs’ was huge.
Develop is an annual conference for wedding photographers, where 6 speakers talk for an hour each, about something wedding photography related. I had never attended this before. I had been to BURN in Belfast in 2016 though. A similar workshop, where Kevin and I met for the first time. We got chatting about our careers. I was feel…

Christmas Special Offer Vouchers

Christmas Voucher Offer

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Howth Engagement Shoot

I'm so excited to share this gorgeous blog post with you.

Michelle and Steve were travelling to Ireland from the US last month and contacted me about doing some engagement portraits while they were here. It was a bit tricky with arrival times but they made it work and travelled to Sutton, just a few short hours after they landed here from the US!

We met in my studio and I brought them in my car on a whistle-stop tour of Howth. For anyone that doesn't know Howth, it is one of the most beautiful places in Dublin to visit. Recently names one of the best 50 running trails in the world (by Lonely Planet).
Howth is a peninsula, surrounded by the sea on all sides meaning plenty of beaches, rocky coves, cliffs and sea views. Throw into the mix, the seasonal Gorse flowers and purple heather that cover the hill and you have a backdrop of dreams. We were incredibly lucky with the weather too, not your typical Irish summers day!

We spend a few hours driving around and stopping for natura…