5 reasons why Dublin City Wedding Venues have it all

Are you recently engaged and wearing a gorgeous new sparkly ring, you can’t stop staring at? 
Exciting right?

Well, welcome to the world of wedding planning! (and to-do lists!)

If you've been dreaming about your wedding since you were 5 then you probably have it all mapped out: where you’ll do it, what you’ll eat, who will do what and when, and what time your flight is to the Bahamas!

If not, you might just need a little help in finding the perfect Irish wedding venue to suit your needs.

You’ve thought about a castle and a country house but really you want to keep things simple, so you've decided that Dublin City might just be the perfect place.

And you're right!

In my 20 years of shooting weddings, I've seen every type of wedding venue in the country but Dublin City offers such a variety that is seriously hard to beat!

Here are 5 reasons why Dublin City is the perfect place to tie the knot…

1. It has intimate and very cool venues… like these...

The Old Spot in Ballsbridge - Intimate, old-school pub downstairs with open-spaced room for larger parties upstairs. Quirky, fun, incredible food, and bright and airy vibes.

Dublin City Wedding Venue

Fade Street Social – A restaurant downstairs and private dining upstairs with roof-top terrace (mostly covered). Very relaxed, great cocktails, pretty and intimate old-style building interior. Nooks and crannies everywhere and gorgeous glimpses of old Dublin architecture like this one...

Dublin City Wedding Venue

Oliveto at Haddington House - Beautiful old period property, turned hotel. Great for summer weddings, outdoor seating with incredible views over Dun Laoghaire Harbour. Gorgeous use of textures like exposed brick in the restaurant, and amazing food.

Dublin City Wedding Venue

Stephen's Green Club St. Stephen’s Green - Old Dublin establishment with incredible classic interior, like stepping back in time. Views over Stephen’s Green. Formal vibes for classic weddings.

Dublin City Wedding Venue

2. You can get interesting non-standard wedding photos.

Having a Dublin city wedding means that your wedding pictures will be different from everyone else!

Michelle and Julian’s Dublin city wedding was one of the most memorable for me.

After a gorgeous wedding ceremony in University Church on Stephen’s green, the three of us walked to Fade Street Social restaurant and used that time to capture some gorgeous natural ‘couple shots’.

Making their way through the hustle and bustle of Grafton Street, holding hands and chatting as the crowds clapped, whistled, and wished them well. Me, walking alongside them, capturing the energy of it all. Iconic Dublin city buildings are fantastic in wedding pictures!

When it comes to your own wedding the possibilities are endless.
You could stop in an old pub for a pint or wander through George’s Street arcade with it's eclectic mix of fun shops. The photo options are far more interesting than a manicured garden in an old castle! If you are like me and prefer more relaxed and fun wedding photos then this is a perfect idea.

Dublin City Wedding Venue

Dublin City Wedding Venue

Dublin City Wedding Venue

Dublin City Wedding Venue

Dublin City Wedding Venue

3. It will be super-convenient for guests…

If you are a Dub and most of your guests are Dubs then they will thank you for getting married so close to where they live. To be able to just hop on a DART or bus to a local wedding is a gift. People love convenience. If you have guests coming from abroad then they can easily choose a hotel/guest house or B&B close to the action. Dublin currently has over 250 hotels with another 100 about to be launched. Or... guests could just get a taxi home to bed!

Dublin City Wedding Venue

4. You could get married in iconic hotels…like these…

The Shelbourne Hotel - Entering this plush 5-star hotel means it's time for relaxation and luxury. The Shelbourne do weddings with such ease and professionalism and all details are catered for, thanks to Cathy the wedding co-ordinator, who runs the show there. 

The Shelbourne is a venue that suits any size wedding. Dine in the historic Constitution room with an intimate group or celebrate with everyone you know in their newly refurbished dining hall. Have a relaxed champange reception in the outdoor courtyard before dinner and get romantic wedding pictures taken in Stephen's green or even visit O' Donoghue's for a pint of Guinness before the celebrations start.

Dublin City Wedding Venue

The Westin Hotel - a former bank, this amazing hotel has THE most stunning banqueting hall you will ever see. Sandwiched between the River Liffey and Trinity College, it's surrounded by old pubs and period buildings, perfect for wedding photos.

This historic landmark dates back to the 1800s and upon entering the banqueting-hall you can immediately get a sense of how things were at that time.

This 5-star luxury hotel is the perfect venue for a traditional and classic bride.

Dublin City Wedding Venue

5. Urban & unique backdrops for pictures.

Alternative wedding pictures are all the rage right now. People want something unique in their wedding photos. If you are having a city wedding then why not make the pictures all about the city. 
Busy streets, neon signs, interesting colours, and backdrops. Creative wedding photography is very cool right now.
Stop at a corner cafe, a mural, a car-park, or a big hoarding. Anyone can have leafy-green pretty garden pictures but you could be anywhere in those images.
Capture your city on your wedding day and have some fun with your wedding pictures!

Dublin City Wedding Venue

Dublin City Wedding Venue

Dublin City Wedding Venue

Finding the perfect venue is the start of this exciting journey. There is so much choice in Dublin city and so many reasons to keep it simple.

Once you find that perfect wedding venue you can set a date and let the to-do list begin! Don't forget to have fun while you tick everything off that list.... and it doesn't need to be a long one either.
Remember to put the blinkers and ear-muffs on when friends and family start to tell you what you should and shouldn't do! These days everything goes when it comes to anti-tradition.

Your wedding, your way. 

...So when the wedding venue is booked, next on the list is.... wedding dresses??

If you are dreaming about a flowy white wedding dress that you can twirl in or a dress with pockets, check out this free Lookbook of wedding dresses to see what style will suit you!

Or head straight over to www.nicolawebster.com to see a portfolio of relaxed and fun wedding shots!


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